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When the festive season rolls around, there's nothing quite like gathering family and friends for some holiday-themed fun. Whether you're looking to keep the kids entertained, start a new family tradition, or simply add some extra joy to your holiday gatherings, free downloadable and printable Christmas games offer a plethora of options. From traditional puzzles and quizzes to innovative new challenges and even free video games, here are 10 fantastic sources for free Christmas games and activities that you can download or print to play this holiday season:

  1. MyPartyGames.com features a variety of free printable Christmas games including riddles for kids, "Who is most like Santa?" and a Christmas movie trivia quiz. These games are perfect to keep everyone entertained during the holiday season.
  2. The Artisan Life offers a range of printable Christmas games for families, featuring matching cards, alphabet tracing strips, and "Christmas Emoji Pictionary", ensuring fun for all ages.
  3. Christmas Activities provides you with access to a couple of dozen beautiful, downloadable or printable Christmas coloring pages. With themes ranging from the festive family dinner, to girls playing in the snow, Santa on the chimney, carollers and tree decorating, there's something here for everyone. These are perfect for keeping young ones busy, whether at home or school.
  4. Leap of Faith Crafting offers 40 free Christmas games to print and play, including creative options like "Christmas I Spy", "Pin the Heart on the Grinch", and "Roll a Reindeer" game.
  5. GamingBible on Steam highlights six free downloadable games that Steam has made available for Christmas, including "DreadMoon", "Duels of Fortune", and "Knight's Path: The Tournament", providing a variety of gaming experiences from werewolf adventures to medieval RPGs.
  6. My Silly Squirts presents 30 free printable Christmas games suitable for holiday parties, featuring "Roll-A-Christmas-Tree" dice game, Christmas emoji pictionary, and a variety of word games.
  7. Heathered Nest lists 55 merry free printable Christmas games for parties and game nights, including "Christmas Name That Tune" with a Spotify list, movie and song guessing games, and "I Spy Holiday Scavenger Hunt".
  8. Country Hill Cottage provides a collection of printable Christmas games for adults and older kids, including "Christmas Scattergories", a fun twist on the traditional Scattergories game tailored for the holiday season.
  9. Intentional Hospitality has 50 free printable Christmas games for adults, with word-themed party games and "Christmas Carol Opposites Game", perfect for adding some more mature fun to adult Christmas gatherings.
  10. Lil' Luna shares free printables for Christmas Scattergories and a “Christmas Candy” matching game, ideal for structured playtime during holiday events.

Each of these sites offers something unique for your holiday entertainment. Whether you're hosting a cozy family night in, a festive party, classroom activities, or if just looking for some holiday fun, these free Christmas games are sure to bring smiles and laughter to your celebrations. Dive into these resources and let the holiday cheer begin!

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