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  • 1 Nutty Santa Screen Saver - Get a good laugh while watching Santa dangle helplessly from his sleigh while Rudolph steers the sleigh around the screen. Freeware from Acez.com. (Win 95/98)
  • American Flag Screensaver - This site presents you with the opportunity to add a little patriotism to your Christmas celebration via this free US flag screensaver.
  • Christmas Breakout Screen Saver - An animated game screen saver that features game play in the classic Breakout tradition but enhanced with colorful Christmas holiday graphics. Several levels of play suitable for younger children through adult ensure that the whole family will enjoy playing the game, watching the colorful graphics and listening to the included Christmas music sound tracks. Shareware by CMB Software. (Win 95/98/NT)
  • Christmas Cheer - This screensaver floats a collage of overlapping Disney and Looney Tunes images across your screen, over a beautiful background in different directions at varying rates. The settings screen allows you to change the various transitions to your preference, in addition to muting the sounds if you so desire. Freeware by BJ Screensavers. (Win 95/98/NT)
  • Christmas Doves - This animated saver displays beautiful holiday images while doves fly over each scene. Several background music arrangements accompany the screen saver. You may customize the screen saver by using your own pictures and sounds, adding your own captions, animation settings, wallpaper, and more! Shareware from JGOware. (Win 95/98/Me/NT)
  • Christmas Snowflake Screen Saver - Gingerbread houses, Peppermint Forest and the Icemakers Castle set the stage in this fascinating half hour of fun, hope and intrigue for children of all ages. Freeware download by MDHA. (Win95/98)
  • Christmastree Village 2000 - An animated screen saver that shows a short story about Santa's flight in his sleigh. Includes optional sound effects, and a control to adjust the speed of the image. Time-limited (3-day) shareware download from MicroLoft Software. (Win95/98/Me/NT with 32MB RAM)
  • Fachan's Christmas Screensaver - This saver features the lively antics of a mythical beast called 'The Fachan'. He has one leg, one eye and one arm, but throws a mean snowball! He lives in a distillery in Scotland where he protects the maturing whisky stocks, and gets up to lots of mischief in the process! Freeware download by Maynard Malone. (Win 3.1x/95/98/Me)
  • Free Christmas Screensavers - Find a range of free festive screensavers to help imbue your computer with the Christmas spirit.
  • The Grinch Movie Screensavers - A selection of four separate screensavers that showcase images from Jim Carrey's popular Grinch remake. Freeware. (Win95/98)
  • Real Snowglobes 3D - Choose from three themes: PhotoCube, Seattle, and Santa's House. In Photo Cube, the 3D cube floats and spins, suspended within the globe. In Seattle, you can take a virtual tour of this breathtaking city. In Santa's House, Santa checks the weather conditions while his friend Mr. Snowman keeps a sharp look out. Shareware from RealNetworks. (Win 95/98)
  • Santa on Steam Locomotive - He knows who has been naughty and who has been nice; now he can keep an extra eye on you from your desktop. In this screensaver, Santa rides in on a steam locomotive with toys, Christmas trees, and surprises. Freeware by PY Software. (Win 95/NT)
  • Winter Wonderland - This amazingly realistic screen saver displays beautiful, captivating winter scenery in the midst of a snow storm. As the snow continues to fall it builds up on the ground, trees, and buildings, slowly piling up in real-time. Shareware download from R.I. Soft Systems. (Win 95/98)

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