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  • Christmas Tree 1.8 - This elegant desktop widget nestles itself above your taskbar, revealing a beautiful Christmas tree and a countdown timer that reminds you how many days and hours remain until both Christmas and New Year's Day. To keep your spirits up, the widget also allows you to listen to a quick Jingle Bells sound byte each hour. This is a freeware application designed to run on Windows. (PC)
  • Christmas Desktop Themes - Download a range of free Xmas themes from this site, many of which include wallpapers, icons, cursors and more fun stuff. (Mac or PC)
  • Christmas Things Wallpaper - A photograph of several hanging decorations scattered around your desktop. Free JPG wallpaper, 785x576 pixels. (Mac or PC)
  • Cynthia's Christmas Themes - Seven truly fabulous desktop themes, complete with desktop wallpaper, icon sets and Christmas music. Freeware download for Win 95/98.
  • Frosty Wallpaper - Brighten up your computer's desktop with this free photographic image of Frosty the Snowman. Free JPG wallpaper, 785x576 pixels. (Mac or PC)
  • Looney Tunes Christmas Wallpaper - This is a great image of Bugs Bunny opening a room full of Christmas gifts. Free JPG wallpaper, 777x600 pixels. (Mac or PC)
  • Merry Christmas Wallpaper - Merry Christmas spelt out with block letters, sitting in front of snowy fir trees. Free JPG wallpaper, 785x576 pixels. (Mac or PC)
  • Santa by the Tree Wallpaper - A photograph of Santa checking out a tree decoration of his likeness. Free JPG wallpaper, 785x576 pixels. (Mac or PC)
  • Santa Wallpaper #1 - A statuesque image of the jolly old man himself. Free JPG wallpaper, 785x576 pixels. (Mac or PC)
  • Santa Wallpaper #2 - Another photograph of a small Santa statue, with toy fir trees and gifs in the background. Free JPG wallpaper, 785x576 pixels. (Mac or PC)
  • Tootsie's Christmas Themes - A collection of six truly breathtaking desktop themes, most of which include a wallpaper image, screensaver, logos and icons. Freeware for Win 95/98.
  • Twinkle Bulbs - A 32-bit desktop accessory program for Windows, which allows you to display flashing, colorful holiday lights on or around your Windows desktop. You can select various bulb sets and colors for the bulbs, add background music and configure a built-in screen saver. 30-day evaluation version. (Win 95/98)

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